New Wavetable Synth

Wavetable I created a new Wavetable Synth. Elektronick Musick on YouTube did a quick test of it so you can see how it sounds:

New Discord Server

Discord Have questions? Stop by the new Discord serverD

Major updates for all plugins

All plugins have been updated to version 1.1.0 with lots of juicy new features VST3 support for Windows, Mac & Linux Apple Silicon (ARM) support for macOS Fancy new UI theme Screen reader support for the visually impared

Linux versions released

Linux versions released There are now Linux versions of all plugins for download. They are built for Ubuntu 18.04. If you need them rebuild for another platform. Follow these steps: git clone cd slPlugins git submodule init git submodule update cd ci export…

Open Sourced All Existing Plugins

Open Sourced All Existing Plugins I’ve just released the source code for all my existing plugins. Linux versions will be coming soon or you can compile them yourself now. The code repository is here.


Compressor I just released a compressor. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

All plugins updated!

All plugins updated! I’ve upgraded my tools to the latest versions, Xcode 11 and Visual Studio 2019. Unfortunately this means support for some older operating systems has been dropped. Windows XP is no longer supported. 32 bit macOS plugins are also no longer available….

PAPU, SID & RP2A03 Updated

PAPU, SID & RP2A03 Updated PAPU, SID & RP2A03 have all been update to support parameter updates while the key is down. As well, PAPU gets pitch bend support and a few bugs have been fixed in RP2A03 — most importantly, now when you…

Vote for Maths in the JUCE Award!

Vote for Maths in the JUCE Award! Please vote for my plugin Maths in the JUCE Award competition. You can vote here. Voting is open until November 16th, 2018.

Two New Plugins!

Two New Plugins! I’ve released two new plugins: An Oscilloscope and a  Tone Generator. As a plugin developer I thought it would be helpful to release some of the tools I’ve created for myself. Hopefully other plugin developers find them useful as well.