Two New Plugins!

Two New Plugins!

I’ve released two new plugins: An Oscilloscope and a  Tone Generator. As a plugin developer I thought it would be helpful to release some of the tools I’ve created for myself. Hopefully other plugin developers find them useful as well.

8 Comments on “Two New Plugins!

  1. Edgar Augusto

    This is awesome! I desperately needed an Oscilloscope for use within Logic Pro X in 64 bits.
    Thank you very much for creating this, and your hard work. I am eagerly expecting the next update to this plug in. Maybe in future updates you could plot both, right and left channel together. Thank you very much.

  2. Artem Moroz

    This is just in time!
    Thank You very much!

  3. Excellent plugin. Love the design, resizability and display. Only suggestion is to have an option to have the controls disappear, leaving just the border and display.

  4. damn… after using it it seems like the best oscilloscope available online. thank you so much sir. with the zoom feature I’ve never been able to see piano and guitar waves in so many different ways and in such detail. I love this.

  5. the oscilloscope is incredible. the sample/px and zoom feature make this blow my mind and immediately allowed me to understand sound waves on a much more complex level…

    how making a sound chorus into stereo decreases the db amplitude and I just can get over watching a piano and guitar wave form on many levels.

    thanks my G

  6. The zoom function is awesome! Two channels at the same time is very cool! I came up with two ideas for convenience: 1- the ability to specify the binding with the mouse directly on the screen (not just the knobs). 2- the ability to see high frequencies in more detail. At high sounds, the waveform graph is very tight. I think it is useful to make it possible to consider the details at the highest frequencies (up to 192KHz ..). Thank! A very nice tool overall.

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